Sunday, 10 January 2010

A Hunting We Will Go - Not!

I've realised there's been no hunting round here for weeks. Our farrier came on New Year's Day and said that the Grove & Rufford met and hunted on foot on Boxing Day, instead of their usual cavort round Retford. The Readyfield cancelled their New Year's Day meet at Osberton as the ground was so bad. It looks as though the High Peak hunted on foot as well. What happens to your subscription if you've paid and it's cancelled because of bad weather? You still have to pay hunt staff and feed hounds, don't you? It's a lot of money to kiss goodbye, I think. At least if you go Bloodhounding you pay as you go.
Everybody is moaning about the weather. It seems we are all more or less in the same boat. Even if you have a manege, it doesn't mean you can ride in it, and for some people the track is so slippery leading to the manege you can 't walk a horse along it anyway. Some people can't turn their horses out, and one friend has had to put her horse on full livery because she can't drive to the yard. I guess I should count my blessings then. At least Max is just outside and I can go and see him whenever I like, and feel his warm breath on me and hear his whicker of greeting.
We have, unbelievably, had more snow over night.
It came to me yesterday, as we drove round, and more strongly today, that it's like living on a giant Christmas cake. I feel like I'm wading through lots of icing! The pond outside looks like a perfect wedding cake, with snow perfectly shaped on it, and the statue standing on the top.

(But by the time I took this, Nine had rearranged it somewhat!)

There was thick fog everywhere when we turned the horses out this morning. There was a sheet of the black plastic haylage wrapping up against the fence to the left of the field gate. Max saw it and had an absolute fit over it, but I managed to keep hold of him while he dithered about his course of action. 'Run sideways into mum, or run for the gate and hope the monster doesn't catch me?' I just stayed calm with him, and once in the field he turned to snort at it, then realised he was wasting valuable eating time, and ran to the nearest pile of haylage for support. They didn't stay out for very long today. They'd had enough by eleven, and came in to munch on hay. We gave Max the camomile Likit on Saturday. He ate it in just under four minutes. I think that may be a record. Barnaby still has his, and it's been hanging there for a week. My darling, gorgous, greedy little horse.
The school, to our astonishment (but Missis' relief) was open. It meant Missis had to walk down there, but I dare say it was worth it for a few hour's respite. The weather is worse today than it was on Friday, so it doesn't make much sense. I have spent the day ironing and washing the bedding, thrilled that Missis is at home all week, so I will only have my horses to do. I still have tack to clean and loads of laundry. Where does it all come from?
I am also thoroughly enjoying 'The Queen's Fool' by Philippa Gregory. I am so glad I discovered her books last year. It looks as though it's going to be about Lady Jane Grey and Queen Mary, so we'll see what unfolds.


  1. Sorry to hear the weather has you so crazy. I would like to see pictures of you walking on top of this cake, hee hee! I do think it makes us appreciate the summers more, don't you? Stay safe and warm!

  2. Weather weather! It is everywhere this time of year... Australia would be a good spot to be in for better stuff!
    I Popped on over from lytha's blog~
    Love your horses and will have fun getting to know you.
    Is your MAX A Gypsy Vanner?

  3. Yes, Max is a gypsy vanner, but we just call them cobs, although Barnaby is also an (Irish) cob. Thanks for dropping by, I will visit you asap, if I haven't been there already.


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