Monday, 18 January 2010

Something's Got to Give

I seem to be spending far too much time on the computer! I've given it a lot of consideration, and I think Facebook is the main culprit. I haven't got time to sit and trawl through loads and loads of inane posts every day, especially if it's being particularly slow. I know I was looking for something more indepth, and facebook definitely isn't it. Plus it's impossible to control what people post, and some of it really doesn't bless me. I think it came to a head yesterday when I got a friend request from a total stranger who is twelve! I have got a friend on there who is that young, but I know her and her mum quite well from the Your Horse forum. But a total stranger, picking me at random, honestly!
Facebook's been altered fairly recently so it shows you the groups that people are joining, presumably to generate more members, but some of the younger girls join such random things, that you can't possibly want to post to. I am also about level 40 on Farm Town and don't play it any more. I do still play Farmville, but I find it a bit surreal to have elephants on your farm. It's okay for a bit of fun, but I've had enough now really. I do quite like Country Life, as you do more on it, but after a while it just becomes mouse clicking, which is just going to give me RSI, isn't it? So I think some serious honing is in order as:
a) I still need time to read books, which is much more satisfying.
b) Very soon I'm going to be back to riding, and I made the mistake of spending too much time on facebook last summer, something I do not intend to repeat this year.
c) I'd rather be doing cross stitch and card making. There aren't enough hours in the day as it is.
d) I absolutely love blogging. It is much more satisfying as you get a deeper insight into people's lives. I really think that's what I was looking for when I got into facebook.
e) I need to do more Bible reading, which will benefit me more than any of the above. I used to be very good at having my Bible time, but it's gone a bit loose lately. Time to get back to it, I think.
f) I do homework with Seven and Nine, and it takes a certain amount of research to get things done properly.
I think that's fairly clear then, a bit of a cut down on facebook is in order. Think how many hours you spend trawling through posts, doing farm games, checking all the gifts people have sent you etc. I have joined a cross stitch group on there, which I will maintain, but get rid of as much dross as I can. Spring must be in the air!


  1. I so know what you mean. I just took a week off from facebook to escape all the drama. I have enough to keep me busy, let alone all those game applications, which, I IGNORE when they are sent to me. I don't need another thing to keep me on-line, and away from what I need to do as the keeper of my home.

    I totally agree with you and I pray your efforts of staying away bless you one hundred fold! I know it did me! :> )


  2. I was on Facebook for about a week, and withdrew. I spend far too much time on the computer without it! :-P


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