Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Let There Be Light!

So much has been going on, I've hardly had time to tell you all the other little bits...
Last Wednesday I went out as usual to give the horses their breakfast. The stable lights were on, which means Missis is already up and has fed the horses. When I looked around, the breakfast feeds were still in place, and the outside door was closed. I had a dreadful feeling then, that when I'd checked on the horses the night before, I must have left the light on all night. Having a brainwave, I text Mr O, 'Were the stable lights on when you left for work?'
'No,' he replied.
So I went out to the barn to look for Missis. No sign of her. I dished out the breakfasts and carried on doing the chores, finding it all very peculiar.
Then on Saturday, Mr O went to feed round and the light was on again. He looked at Lindy. Lindy grinned back. He had turned the light on with his nose, as the new light switch is at the back of his stable!
He'd done it again yesterday. I think he hears Mr O leave for work, and that's his cue to turn the light on. All the other horses were blinking at me as I appeared, "Crikey that's bright! Is it time to get up?" Poor things, but very funny. The only answer is to move the light switch I suppose.
I was standing in the stables, coffeehousing with Mr O on Saturday, when I felt a bite on my finger. Marjory (the chicken) had leapt up and pecked me on the finger! Cheeky thing. We decided they must be hungry, and gave them some extra corn on the stable floor, which they scoffed. Today, when I mucked Max out, there was an egg nestling in the straw. A thankyou present?
It's been very windy today, but I was determined to lunge Max, so I turned Zak and Barnaby out, and gave Max a good groom, then put his chambon on and all the other paraphenalia. He walked out very nicely with me to the lunge ring, walking right past a feed sack that had blown off the burning pile, and not batting an eyelid, which is unusually brave.
A chambon is a device that you put on a horse while lungeing, that according to my book, 'makes the horse work long and low.' Long and low? He had his head between his knees while bucking and cantering. You can't get much lower than that, can you?
I'm hoping that that will have worked some energy off, then if I don't replace the energy with loads more food, he should start to calm down, shouldn't he? Here's hoping...


  1. cute story! bad pony for turning the light on! you might want to change that out for safety too...sounds like you have the perfect life with all of your cute animals!

  2. I loved this. I always love reading your stories.


  3. Lindy must be very proud of himself! I bet a wire cage over that light switch, with finger-sized (and not horse nose-sized) openings in it would thwart him.
    ...unless he learned to use a stiff piece of straw as a tool...

  4. June: LOL, you never know with horses!


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