Thursday, 14 January 2010

No Star for Flower Fairy's Wand

It's hard to write this. While I was busy writing about mucking out and taking nice photos in the snow, unbeknown to me, my youngest daughter Abby (21) was rushed into hospital with extreme abdominal pains. Mr O came home from work, and we turned the car around and drove straight back to the hospital, to find out what was going on.
At the time, they weren't sure whether it was a burst appendix, or an ectopic pregnancy. We managed to get to Abby's bedside just before they took her down to theatre. Lisa had obviously been there for some time, as well as Abby's partner Duane. Abby was tearful, and in obvious pain, despite the medication she was being given.
As you can imagine, we had been praying all the way there, and sat in the day room while she was in theatre, continuing to pray.
It transpires she did indeed have an ectopic pregnancy, and her tube was removed before serious damage could be done. They'd said she'd go down for a quick procedure, but I've had a lapiroscopy myself, which was supposed to take ten minutes and ended up being an hour, so I knew it wouldn't be quick whatever happened. In fact it was two hours before she was wheeled through to the recovery room.
Duane is new to all of this, but I'm afraid we've seen Abby go into, and come out of, theatre far too many times in her life. She had cancer as a child, and was miraculously healed. One day I'll tell you all about it. All the memories came flooding back.
I never cry in front of my children at these times. I know when Abby was fighting the cancer, the one time I cried was the only time she was frightened of what was happening. I also had a revelation that it wasn't me that was in pain, it wasn't me that was suffering, and that my job was to be strong for her, and I was.
So I cried all the way home instead. The operation went well, and she'll be fine, but please pray for a rapid recovery, physically, and emotionally, as she comes to terms with what's happened, as indeed must I.
They say it won't affect her chances of having more children, but I am keenly aware that we have lost a brother or sister for my Flower Fairy. So sorry, darling heart.


  1. Hello,
    Thank you so much for popping by by blog.
    I hope your daughter is well soon.
    Ladybower is beautiful, well I think Derbyshire is the most breathtaking county ever.
    If you would like to find out about the 20 min list pop over to Marmalade Rose (link on my blog).

    Nice to meet you, I'm sorry that the first post I read was such a sad one.

    Joanne x

  2. I am sorry to hear of what your precious Abby has gone through in her life, and now this. PRAISE GOD that she was healed from her cancer.

    I pray that you will all feel the peace, comfort, and love of our Heavenly Father's armed wrapped around you during this time. I can't imagine what you all must feel right now.

    Please now that I am praying for Abby and Duane, as well as all of you!



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