Tuesday, 19 January 2010

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide

I've risen with the lark this morning and rugged up and turned all the horses out. Lindy hasn't had a rug on for the last few nights, as his own central heating system has kicked in so he is sweating with a rug on. Even Max and Barnaby are warm with just a thin stable rug on and a thin turn out on top.
I've been out in the very wet field to put piles of haylage out for everybody, then turned the horses out. I do let the chickens out soon after, but they aren't keen to venture out while it's dark, which it certainly is today, and there is a thick mist everywhere. I can hardly see the horses in the field.
I have had all six horses to do, and managed it well, considering I've had to change all rugs and put cream and powder on Lindy and Polo. Missis did make 12 haynets before she left though, which have been an absolute godsend. Nearly all the beds needed a bale of straw in, but I'd still finished by 12.30.
The Ladies Who Lunch strolled over around 9.30. They remind me of Aggie and Kim, two very annoying women who present 'How Clean is your House?' on Channel 4. They go into someone's disgusting hovel and clean it up for them, only to find quite often when they return six months later that the property has returned to its former glory. Anyway, I won't be at all surprised if the chickens suddenly start suggesting that a mix of Epsom salts and vinegar, applied vigorously, will bring a lovely shine to each stable floor. And they know what they can do about it, too.
I had Seven and Nine after school. They asked to play with the playdoh. I am surprised children of their age still want to play with it, but each to their own. They're quite creative actually. I suppose if it was modelling clay instead of playdoh, nobody would mind, would they?
I am still reading Charlotte's Web to them, after the break for Christmas. We seem to have taken up where we left off with no problems. I am doing a brummy accent for Templeton the rat, and a very prim 'Alexandra Palace' voice for Charlotte. Nine stares at me in fascination when I do this, because 1: I'm quite good at it (I've always been able to do accents) and 2: I assume that Missis doesn't do voices when she reads to the boys, but I may be wrong. Nine does drama, so maybe he is storing things up for his first audition, you never know.
I have ordered some stamps and toppers from a brilliant website which came today, so I am going to have a little play once I've written this. We are finally getting post again, after no deliveries for two weeks.
This means my Christmas present from Lorayne has finally arrived. The parcel was very light. I knew she was getting me some silicone baking tins, but the last thing I expected was this:

I really had to think about the best way to show you what they're like. I think it was the colour as much as the texture that was such a shock. Apparently they go straight from freezer to oven, and obviously, because they're floppy, it's very easy to turn your cake out. You don't need to grease them, either. I can't wait to bake something now. Lorayne says they make a much better cake, so we'll see. Have you ever used them? If so, what do you think of them?

And in case you've ever wondered why my blog is called Chickens In My Kitchen, this should make it clear:

This is Henny Penny, always hoping for food, with Roxy peeking round the corner, seeing if it's safe to come in. They've walked through the stables, through the garage and arrived at the side door. You can run ...


  1. too cute! I have turkeys on my back deck daily...and they do peck on the door and windwos to get in, but honestly...turkey poo! yuck *U*

  2. Hi Autumn,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You do win the prize for the most distant commenter!! My oldest married daughter is a horse trainer, lover and would LOVE your life! She would let chicken in her kitchen as well I think!! I am very impressed with all you do, and can't wait to keep up on your adventures.


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