Wednesday, 1 December 2010

December Will Be Magic Again!

Of course it started snowing the moment I'd finished my previous blog entry (declaring that it wasn't snowing!) And to be honest, it's hardly stopped since. To my delight, Son 1 is here to help me muck out, as Missis is in America and won't be back until Friday. Of course, I was thinking to myself, that if I had help mucking out, I'd actually have the energy to ride. How foolish of me! We woke up this morning, and this is the sight that greeted us:

It's hard to give you an idea of scale, as everything's basically white, but it's about 3 feet deep, or up to my waist.
It took Mr O three hours to get home last night, a journey that usually takes forty-five minutes. He said vehicles were either jack-knifed or just abandoned all along the route. I was worried sick. Then this morning, he took a shovel, and tried to dig the car out. He gave up after an hour. I was so worried and angry I rang him and said, "Are you in the car?" "No," he said, "I'm just outside the house." Then he had to dig his way back home!

By this time, Son 1 and I had got up and got dressed. We fed the horses, then donned waterproof leggings and set out to find Mr O. We had to dig a trench from the back door to the stable doors, then from there to the barn (where the chickens now sleep wherever they see fit, as it's far too cold to expect them to survive in their little shed) and from the barn to the muck heap.
To my astonishment, Barnaby was kicking his stable door in a 'bally well let me out right now!' sort of way, so Mr O put his rug on and led him out. He marched into the field, then started galloping up and down, stopping every now and again to roll, and push his nose through the snow. We put Zak out next to him, and I've got a fantastic video of them galloping up and down together, looking rather spectacular. If I can upload it I will.
(Go here to have a look).

In places the snow is up to my waist. 'Er Indoors loves it. The cats were trapped in the cat room, with snow half way up the door, so no way of getting through the cat flap (though I'd love to have seen Purdy try!)
I don't think many people have gone to work. (Apologies to you if you've struggled through to get somewhere!) I am so grateful that Son 1 was here, and that Mr O has had to stay home. I am so pleased that my horses are just outside, as I know many people haven't been able to get to their yards to do their horses, or have faced a long, arduous walk.
Pongo is obviously at home with the boys. He bravely volunteered to walk to the local farm to buy milk as that's the one thing I'm running out of.
It is stunning out there, I must admit. I haven't seen snow like this since I was about seven. I can remember walking along the verge at my grandparents' village, slipping into the ditch and the snow came up over my head. There hasn't been snow like that in my own childrens' lifetime, but my grandchildren are certainly dipping in. I've seen some lovely photos on Facebook of The Flower Fairy playing in the snow. Facebook may have its faults, but it's fantastic at times like this, just for being able to keep in touch and see what everyone's experiencing.
More snow is forecast for tonight. I don't know where it's supposed to go, we are full up. I'm starting to wish I could ski.
Hope you're all okay, and coping.
Keep warm eveyone
Mrs O.


  1. I was 10 years old when the winter of 62/63 hit the UK. It snowed for weeks and froze everyone to death. Animals starved, the army dropped supplies to farms, and the snow and ice stayed for 3 months!
    Of course as a young boy, we wore short pants with our wellies! Our knees were always chapped! School was closed, and the world slowed down! Christmas was white. I love it when God decides to shake the feathers in his Eiderdown!

  2. Oh, my. Looks like last year around here...NJ, USA. It's always pretty and exciting at first and then it starts to get tedious and "old" as you battle to get around...Once the paths to barn, muck heap, car, etc. are finished, things will all be easier.

    In the meantime, take it easy and just go with the flow. If there's one thing you can't fight, it's Mother Nature.

  3. Ooops...forgot to look at the video before my first comment. What a grand time your horses were having out there! Zak and Barnaby look like a couple of kids out on a winter frolic! What fun!


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