Tuesday, 28 December 2010

The Voyage Of The Dawn Treader

We've just come back from seeing this fabulous film. Each one, in my humble opinion, is better than the last.
The trouble with this one is that The Dawntreader is one of my favourite books of all time, so I was hoping to goodness they'd do it 'properly.' The BBC did a series some years ago (I'd probably depress myself if I looked it up to see exactly how long ago!) but the little girl who played Lucy was all wrong. No offence to her, but she just wasn't how I'd pictured Lucy in my mind.
But the girl who plays Lucy in these films (Georgie Henley) is absolutely right. She's very, very good in this one too. The crucial bit in the book is when the character Eustace has become a dragon. He tries desperately to take the dragon skin off and can't do it. In the end Aslan slits the skin from top to bottom, and throws Eustace into a pool. I can't read that section without sobbing like a child, and sure enough, tears were pouring down my cheeks in the cinema. Good job it's dark, isn't it? I'm pretty sure Mr O was at it, too.
My prayer is that everyone who sees the film will grasp its true meaning, and that one day they will experience the Deep Magic for themselves. If you get time, go and see it, I highly recommend it. In fact, as it's December, it could still earn my vote for 'Film of the Year', couldn't it? We shall see...


  1. I have to get myself to the movie theater (cinema). I've been missing all the good films this holiday season.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

  2. Oh Jane thats sounds a real winner will really have to go and watch it, Im a real lover of the Chronicles of Narnia, and I do so agree with you over some of the actresses they use in the BBC plays.
    With love and hugs Shirleyxxxxxx

  3. I saw the first 2 and I'm looking forward to this one, I agree about Lucy, I use to own the old BBC series.

  4. I'm surprised that Lindsay and Dave haven't drug me off to see it yet. They have been waiting for its release.

  5. Oh! I'm a Narnia fan too! Although I hate going to the cinema alone. My grown up son comes with me sometimes, but he only like sci-fi. I could always act dumb and tell him there's a great film showing with fantastic special effects. Ermmmm....worth a try. I'll text him in a minute
    :O) SueXXX


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