Tuesday, 21 December 2010

TV Times

I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I don't watch television. To be fair, the television is often on, but Mr O spends a lot of time channel hopping and not actually watching anything. Because of this, I can't get into anything so I don't bother. Also, even if I do watch something good, there are so many channels, I can never remember which channel it was on, and what day I watched it, so I never see it again. I've missed a few good things that way.
Add to that that I don't watch any soaps, Big Brother, I'm a Celebrity, or X Factor, and you can see my viewing would be limited, to say the least.
But suddenly I have become gripped by, of all things, The Apprentice. There have been several series of this, and I've always thought it looked a bit stupid. I can't stand 'sales speak' either, so I wouldn't have chosen to watch it. I don't know why I watched one episode about six weeks ago, but I was instantly hooked. The whole group dynamics aspect was fascinating. I have to say I desperately wanted Stella to win, as I thought she defended herself beautifully when criticized a few weeks ago. Well done you!
The second thing I've been enthralled by is Strictly Come Dancing. I can't bring myself to watch the first few programmes because I love dancing and can't stand watching people making fools of themselves. But the moment I first saw Kara Tointon dance I was enthralled. She was beautiful and truly talented. I was delighted that she won, but I've had a soft spot for Matt Baker for years (someone with a collie can't be all bad) so it was all-round goodness, really.
The only thing I didn't choose the winner of was Sports Personality of the Year. I really wanted Lee Westwood to win (he's from Worksop, you know!) but I think AP McCoy is a worthy winner.
The third programme I am thoroughly enjoying is Scrubs. Now I've worked out who the characters are, and how they relate to one another, I have realised how clever and funny it is. John McGinley and I go way back. I've loved him since he was in Wagons East many years ago. It is brilliant to see him come into his own in this series.
So all in all I've become a bit of a TV addict. Imagine my distress at missing Downton Abbey. Oh what a foolish girl I've been! I've seen one episode on the i-player and now realise it was my duty to have seen every episode and I've missed it. I am aware there is a DVD of the entire series, but I don't really want to buy it, I just want to watch it. Woe is me.
I wonder what lays in store next year? But knowing me, I'll probably have my nose stuck in a book anyway...


  1. Hi Jane, I dont watch much TV either, Im more often than not on my computer, I do love listening to the radio, especially the Archers so thats my only soap.
    I also like some of the Detective type shows and the craft shows so I suppose I do like a few programes, and I wish you luck being able to track down Downton Abbey. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx

  2. I'm glad Stella won The Apprentice too, my daughter and I were rooting for her from the start (it's a totally addictive programme). We also love Strictly - I was disappointed that Scott went out in the semis, I would have liked him to win, but Kara was the best dancer by far. Could you try and borrow Downton Abbey from the library or Blockbuster maybe, it's definitely worth watching. Take care. M x

  3. I've been watching lots of TV lately. I go on binges then stop for long periods of time. Here in the USA I have over 100 channels. Sometimes I can't find a thing to watch that I'm interested in. How sad is that?

  4. Hi Jane, just wanted to let you know that the TV was advertising a DVD set of Downton Abbey, so its now available to buy to watch at home. With love and hugs Shirleyxxx


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